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Vintage 90’s Carhartt Navajo Blanket Zip Hoodie USA Size XL

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Vintage 90's Carhartt Navajo Blanket Zip Hoodie, Rare USA Edition - Size XL

Description: Make a bold statement with this rare and hard-to-find Vintage 90's Carhartt Navajo Blanket Zip Hoodie. Made in the USA, it boasts a unique Navajo blanket design, full zip with Talon zipper, and a replaced hoodie string, preserving its original charm.

Color: As per photograph
Material: Polyester Acrylic Blend
Style: Vintage Zip Hoodie
Size: XL
Condition: Preowned (Excellent condition)
Gender: Unisex

Rare vintage 90's Carhartt design
Unique Navajo blanket pattern
Full zip with Talon zipper
Size XL
Hoodie string replaced

Add a piece of vintage cool to your wardrobe. Don't miss out, buy this exclusive Carhartt Navajo hoodie now.

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