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Swiminista x James Peter Henry Sidney Superb Long Sarong New One size fits all

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Swiminista x James Peter Henry Sidney Superb Long Sarong - Black One size fits all

Product Description:
Embrace the beach with style and sustainability with the Swiminista x James Peter Henry Sidney Superb Long Sarong. This exclusive sarong features a stunning, lightweight mesh abstract pattern designed by renowned Australian artist, James Peter Henry.

Henry's works are a manipulation of forms, evoking curiosity and allowing viewers to see different aspects of their existence reflected in the art. This Sidney pattern on the sarong resonates with the artist's inspiration, intertwining human forms, contrasting patterns, and references from Aboriginal and African art and Cubism​1​.

Made from sustainable polyester, this sarong has been crafted using recycled water bottles, a testament to Swiminista's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of fashion​​. The versatile design offers multiple ways to wear it, enabling you to personalize your beach look while championing eco-conscious luxury.

With dimensions of approximately 56 x 39.5 inches, this long sarong provides ample coverage and comfort, perfect for beach activities or sophisticated vacations. Pair it with the matching swimsuit (listed separately) to create a chic, coordinated ensemble.

Brand: Swiminista
Artist: James Peter Henry
Color: Black
Material: Polyester blend made from recycled water bottles
Condition: New with Tags
Dimensions: Approximately 56 x 39.5 inches

Key Features:
Lightweight mesh abstract Sidney pattern
Multiple styling options
Sustainable and eco-friendly design
Chic and supportive
Matches with a separately listed swimsuit