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Roberto Cavalli Iridescent Snakeskin Belt Made in Italy 48/90

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Roberto Cavalli Iridescent Snakeskin Belt 48/90 - Elegant Pre-Owned

Indulge in the exotic elegance of this Roberto Cavalli belt. Crafted in Italy from iridescent snakeskin, it exhibits a stunning spectrum of colors from different angles. Although pre-owned, this belt is in excellent condition, with only minor marks on the silver hardware. Measurements provided in the photos.

Color: Iridescent Snakeskin
Material: Snakeskin
Style: Belt
Size: 48/90
Condition: Pre-owned
Gender: Unisex

Made by renowned designer Roberto Cavalli
Authentic Italian craftsmanship
Unique, iridescent snakeskin material
A versatile size of 48/90
Classic silver hardware

Experience the luxury and exotic charm of Roberto Cavalli's design. Add this rare piece to your collection today!

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