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L*SPACE Revolve Set Beach Wave Print Bikini Top Sandy Bikini Bottom S

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L*SPACE x Revolve Beach Wave Print Bikini Ensemble

Dive into the spirit of summer with our vibrant LSPACE Revolve Beach Wave Print Bikini Set*. Featuring a captivating beach wave print on the top, this ensemble pairs immaculately with the Sandy diagonal bikini bottom, epitomizing the essence of beach escapades.

Color: Tropical Waves & Sandy Beige
Material: Luxe Nylon-Spandex Blend
Style: Beach Wave Print Top & Sandy Diagonal Bottom
Size: Small
Condition: New (without tags)
Gender: Female

Island-Inspired Print: Exudes a perfect vacation summer vibe.
Adjustable Top: Customizable fit for optimal comfort and style.
Signature Bottom: Sandy diagonal cut flatters every silhouette.
Premium Craftsmanship: Ensures longevity and vibrant print retention.

Why wait for the waves? Bring them with you! Dive into the essence of summer and snag your Beach Wave Bikini now!

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